Every year we offer an English Camp.

The last Maják camp took place at the end of July 2017.  It was called CAST AWAY and was based on the famous film of the same name (in Czech Trosečník).  In spite of the fact that the weather forecast for the week of camp looked very bad, it wasn’t so horrible after all.  In fact, we didn’t need to change or cancel any of our planned outdoor activities (afternoon games, night games, trip).  The campers and leaders enjoyed the week to the fullest – it was only too bad that it went by so quickly.  Our next camp will be on 21-28 July 2018.
Other information

The camp is for young people, ages 15 and older.  Participants spend a week in nature, and take part in both fun and more serious activities throughout the week.  English classes are taught by native English speakers from the US and Canada.  Classes are for all campers – from beginners to advanced English levels.  There is also at least one North American on each team in the all-camp games. 

The camp is run by Maják nadační fond, a Christian nonprofit organization, in cooperation with a high school youth club, Youth Hangout, from Poděbrady.  We understand that, when discussing the Christian faith, a lot of misunderstandings and prejudices exist.  This is why, if you are interested, we would like to help you with a deeper understanding of Christianity, so that everyone has the chance to think more about things of faith.

Contact for questions: majak.camp@gmail.com

Place: Rekreační středisko Naděje near to Svratouch, Žďárské vrchy

You don't want to miss out on the nect camp? Write us and we will let zou know as soon as we will have any new information about English Camp.

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