Outdoor Spaces for Rent

Beach Volleyball Court
  • Rental 250 Kč / hr.
  • min. rental period 1/2 hr., shower use +20 Kč
Basketball Court
  • Rental 250 Kč / hr.
  • min. rental period 1/2 hr., shower use +20 Kč
Outside Terrace
  • 50 Kč for 1 table / hour.
  • maximum capacity 6 tables, 24 chairs

Outdoor Fire pit with seating
  • 300 Kč per use
  • fire pit with seating, you must have your own fire wood and clean after use

Grill for wood coal
  • 300 Kč per use
  • the cost includes 2 tables a 8 chairs, you must have your own fire wood and clean after use

Grass field
  • 150 Kč per use
  • the possibility to play football and other games

Indoor Spaces for Rent

Conference hall
  • 500 Kč / hour
  • 3000 Kč / day
  • capacity 200 people, 1st Floor, handicap accessible, stereo sound, sound system, data projector + screen, computer with connection to the audio system and a projector, food is not allowed

Small hall with kitchen
  • 300 Kč / hour (200Kč without kitchen)
  • 2000 Kč / day (1000 Kč without kitchen)
  • 12 tables, 60 chairs, fully equipped kitchen

Small classroom
  • 100Kč / hour
  • 800 Kč / day
  • 10 – 15 people

Large classroom
  • 150Kč / hour
  • 100 Kč / day
  • 20 – 25 people

Meeting room
  • 100 Kč / hour
  • 800 Kč / day
  • max 6 people

Coffee Shop
  • 400 Kč / hour
  • 2000 Kč / day
  • Capacity:  25-30 people
  • Furnishings:  4 tables (16 chairs), 2 couches, 3 armchairs, 2 coffee tables, 2 smaller extra tables, kitchenette with sink, 2 refrigerators, hot pot, dishes for serving refreshments (not for cooking), projection screen
  • Comments:  The use of the coffee machine, which is shown in the photographs, is not allowed.  It is used only for Maják activities.                                            

Do you want to rent a space at Maják?

  1. Check the requested space on the reservation calendar.
  2. Take the following points into account:
    • It isn’t possible to reserve space on Sundays
    • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is forbidden in all inside and outside spaces during the rental period
    • The sport courts and fields are open according to the public open hours posted on the gate or the notice board – rental of these courts is only possible until 19:30.
    • The fenced in children’s playground is open to the public in the afternoon during work days and is free.
    • It is not necessary to reserve the outside areas in advance, but all advance reservations will take priority.
  3. If you have taken the above-mentioned points into account, contact us and arrange the date of your reservation. You can make the reservation in the following ways:
    • Come in person to the main office at Maják
    • By telephone – the number is 548 221 566. If someone isn’t present to answer the phone, just leave a message and your phone number, and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.
    • Send an email to lukacova@majak-brno.cz

    Fees for outdoor spaces and courts are paid in the Maják office or to the worker who is present outside.  Payment for inside spaces can be done in cash or by invoice, depending on the agreement with the Office Manager.

    Children’s Playground

    During open hours at Maják the children’s playground is free.

    Open hours at Maják

    Monday – Friday: 12.00 – 19.30

    (October – April we close at dusk)

    Saturday:  Open only for reservations

    Sunday:  Closed