Who we are

Maják is a Christian organization associated with the Wesleyan Church.  It is located in Lesná-Brno in order to provide quality English classes, English camp, outdoor sports facilities, a children’s playground, and rental spaces.

We provide a clean, fun, and friendly place where people can meet together.  We also offer an open place to discuss the Bible and Jesus for those who are interested.

Because of this, we, at Maják, have a strong partnership with the two local churches which meet here regularly:

  • Brno Wesleyan Church
  • Brno International Christian Fellowship

Other businesses in this building are:

  • Nordic Sports
  • Příliv pro rodinu
  • Pionýr

If you want to know more about the Wesleyan Church and what we believe, click here for English and here for Czech.



Reconstructing Maják

Take a look at the gallery which describes the gradual reconstruction of Maják.