Maják Summer Camp 2022 will be called UPSIDE DOWN. You can expect this year’s camp to not be completely “normal”. It might a bit “upside down” or some things will be completely different from what you expect. As usual, we won’t reveal any details to you – the only thing that is certain is that the camp will be as great and EASY as always. If you are patient, you will find out everything on the first day of the camp.

And now the necessary detailed information and organizational instructions:

Camp focus

The camp is intended for young people from 15 years of age (for those born on 24 July 2007 at the latest). It offers participants a week spent in nature taking part in joint programs. English is taught by native speakers from North America.

The camp is organized by the Maják Endowment Fund, a non-profit Christian organization, in cooperation with Remedy International from Poděbrady. We realize that there are many misunderstandings and prejudices of the Christian faith. Therefore, if you are interested, we would like to contribute to a deeper understanding of Christianity – so that everyone has a chance to think independently and freely about matters of faith.

Important information

Date: Sunday 24 July – Saturday 30 July 2022

Location: Word of Life recreation center near Černá Hora, Blansko district

Accommodation: in cottages or in rooms in the main building

Boarding: four times a day (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner)

Contact for any questions:

If you are going to the camp with a group from Poděbrady, please also follow the information on the Remedy International website. All changes and news regarding departure, arrival, pre-camp and after-camp party can be found there. If the information does not seem sufficient to you and you have further questions, please contact Pavlína Glierová (

Teaching English

To better divide you into individual study groups, we request your English level in the application form. You can choose from five levels that cover a range from beginners to expert. You must evaluate yourself according to the following criteria, in your best interest, and state your actual level in the form:

  • beginner (participant with zero or very little knowledge of English)
  • moderately advanced (knows basic English words, but does not have sufficient knowledge of English grammar and makes many mistakes when speaking and writing)
  • intermediate (has a good knowledge of English grammar, but still often makes mistakes in speaking and writing)
  • very advanced (can understand and have a deeper conversation with a native speaker, but still makes mistakes often)
  • expert (can understand and have a deeper fluent conversation with a native speaker with very few mistakes)

Brief camp rules

Camp participants are obliged to strictly respect three prohibitions, for the entire duration of the camp:

  1. Prohibition of storing and consuming alcohol
  2. Prohibition of possession and use of drugs
  3. Prohibition of conduct with sexual overtones

Participants also undertake to follow the instructions of the camp leaders, to participate in camp activities and to act to the best of their knowledge and conscience. Violation of any such prohibition will result in expulsion from the camp and immediate departure home at your own expense. Agreeing to the rules is a condition of registration.


Method of registration and payment

Participant registration consists of two steps, filling in the registration form here and paying the camp fee. Following that link you can also download and prefill the forms necessary for all campers.

If necessary, registration for the camp can be canceled until the day before camp begins. See cancellation policy.

The price for the camp (camp fee) includes accommodation, meals, bus transport, and insurance of the participant.

Payment of camp fee

Method of payment: by bank transfer (or voucher)

Account number: 107-9879580237 / 0100

Variable symbol: telephone number of the participant, which you will enter in the registration form

Message for the recipient: tabor 2022

Amount to be paid:

  • Reduced price when paying by Friday, June 24, 2022: CZK 3,400
  • Full price when paying Saturday, June 25, 2022 or later: 3600 CZK

The decisive criterion for applying the discount is the date of payment, not the date of registration. Correct variable symbol and message for the recipient are essential for us to confirm your payment.

Cancellation Policy

If the registration is canceled by Friday, July 1, inclusive, we will refund the full amount paid. If you cancel your registration after July 1, we will refund the full amount paid to you if we have a replacement participant in your place. Otherwise, we will return:

  • cancellation between 2 July and 15 July: amount paid reduced by CZK 200
  • cancellation between 16 July and 23 July: amount paid reduced by CZK 1,000

Unfortunately, if you do not participate in camp without prior notice, we will not refund the amount paid. If you find that you will not be able to come, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can resolve the situation to the best of our ability.


Send any questions to: